Jio Health – Telemedicine App

Jio Health is used high-quality WebRTC applications allowing communication via a common set of protocols. Jio Health App offers an all-in-one place for a better managed, more engaged, and instant access to healthcare service. Integration with Fitbit and Jawbone, ultimate wearable technology devices, help optimise health track progress with deep insights.

More than a healthcare project, it’s life empowerment.

With rising healthcare costs and increasing demand for quality care, telemedicine and telehealth solutions are becoming increasingly important, especially for those without easy access to medical professionals.
Jio team has created a wonderful product, Jio Health – a breakthrough in the healthcare industry.
This project brought the next-generation mobile experience to a healthy life, successfully connecting Doctors & Patients from anywhere instantly.

Jio tech team collaborated with Savvycom to create a cost-effective, smart engagement system running on iOS and Android both helping Doctors deliver better health care and helping Patients to connect directly with their Care Provider without any restriction. This could be called as an Uber-solution in Healthcare Industry but means more than just delivering or connecting. It helps community health be better and short the gap of reaching private Healthcare among patients and doctors.

Savvycom, a leading software development company, knew that creating a premium solution that is comprised of exclusive functions and characteristics is not only a mission but a challenge that Jio Health owner placed their trust on us.

Telemedicine App

Jio Health Case Study 1 001Jio Health Case Study 1 002Jio Health Case Study 1 003Jio Health Case Study 1 004Jio Health Case Study 1 005Jio Health Case Study 1 006Jio Health Case Study 1 007Jio Health Case Study 1 008

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