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A social wellness community connecting every individual, instructors, personal trainers and businesses. Save time and increase convenience by introducing “WannaTrain” button – a like-no-other function allowing users to send training invitation to anyone they wish without long and tiring arrangement chat. An app that understands each and every user desire, proven with an extraordinary user journey, frictionless interface and secured database.

The revenue generated from the fitness industry has reached $16.157 million worldwide with a 7.2% increase YoY, indicating the disruptive demand for gyms as well as other wellness activities. Just as any other type of training, two of the most important drives of fitness are motivation and knowledge, both of which could be improved by asking people of experiences. The pain point here is – is it that easy to find a ‘connection’?

Understanding such a mission, Savvycom and WannaTrain have joined hands to solve that question for people all around the world.

Healthcare & Fitness

Wanna Train Case Study 1 001Wanna Train Case Study 1 002Wanna Train Case Study 1 003Wanna Train Case Study 1 004Wanna Train Case Study 1 005Wanna Train Case Study 2 001Wanna Train Case Study 2 002Wanna Train Case Study 2 003Wanna Train Case Study 2 004Wanna Train Case Study 2 005Wanna Train Case Study 3 001Wanna Train Case Study 3 002Wanna Train Case Study 3 003Wanna Train Case Study 3 004Wanna Train Case Study 3 005

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