diaB – Diabetes App

1. What is diaB?

diaB is a medical startup that aims to solve problems for people with type 2 diabetes by raising awareness and knowledge about the disease as well as changing their behavior and lifestyle through online coaching courses.

2. Our challenges

  • The community of people with diabetes in Vietnam is vast, and there are not many support and knowledge programs to help them change and keep in check their lifestyle and exercise.
  • The online learning model, counseling, and guidance are still relatively new for the elderly - the app's primary audience.

3. Savvycom Solutions

  • Implement a learning module that provides comprehensive knowledge about diabetes to help customers understand diabetes and related topics.
  • Progress and activity tracking help users maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle.
  • Schedule assessment, coach consultation, or group discussion.
Diabetes App

diaB Case Study 1diaB Case Study 2diaB Case Study 3diaB Case Study 4diaB Case Study 5diaB Case Study 6diaB Case Study 7diaB Case Study 8

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