Medical IT Solutions

Trust Savvycom’s seasoned experts to guide your enterprise to the forefront of healthcare innovation. The expertise of our engineers lies in designing solutions that meet compliance and regulatory standards, while also infusing these products with precision-driven technology to notably improve patient care and clinical outcomes.

Medical IT Solutions

Medical IT Solutions
Development Services

Emphasizing interoperability, data security, and user-centric design, we provide solutions that empower healthcare professionals to deliver superior care and optimize operational efficiency.


Streamline patient care with integrated digital records, enhancing data accuracy and accessibility in healthcare environments. Our EHR and EMR are meticulously developed in alignment with industry-leading security practices and comply with relevant regulations, including HIPAA, GDPR, CEHRT, SAFER, and MACRA.

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Healthcare Data Services

Optimize healthcare efficiency with our seamless data integration, robust inventory tracking, and real-time analytics for effective resource allocation in healthcare settings.

  • Healthcare Data Analytics
  • Hospital Inventory Management

Patient Care and Management

Elevate patient experiences with our comprehensive Patient Care and Management software. Designed for efficiency, our solutions facilitate seamless appointments, treatment tracking, and patient engagement.

Healthcare Education and HR

Transform healthcare education and HR with our specialized solutions. Empower learning and workforce management through innovative solutions, tailored for healthcare professionals’ development and organizational growth.

  • HR Software for Healthcare
  • LMS (Learning Management System) for healthcare professional development.
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Medical Image Analysis

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, our services offer precise and efficient analysis of medical imagery, facilitating accurate diagnoses. Bespoke AI software is provided for medical image analysis, which incorporates data into patient scans, thereby enhancing the depth and quality of insights to meet the highest standards of professional healthcare practices.

Our Development
Process at Savvycom

Here’s our approach to transforming initial concepts into comprehensive healthcare solutions, from the preliminary idea to a fully developed product.


Project Analysis

In-depth analysis of client needs and healthcare standards to establish a solid foundation for bespoke software solutions.



Craft user-friendly interfaces and streamlined workflows, prioritizing patient data security and regulatory compliance in design.



Build robust, scalable healthcare applications using cutting-edge technologies to enhance patient care and operational efficiency.



Rigorous testing for reliability, compliance, and security, ensuring the software meets the highest standards of healthcare quality.


Soft Launch

Seamless deployment of the healthcare solution, optimized for peak performance and user satisfaction in real-world medical environments.


Maintenance & Support

Ongoing support and updates to keep the software ahead of healthcare trends, with dedicated assistance for any technical needs.

One partner addressing all your Healthcare IT requirements

Problems We Solve

We empower clients to prioritize patient care by alleviating the burdens of technology management. Our specialized knowledge in privacy and security, grounded in healthcare compliance and regulations, ensures clients operate with confidence and efficiency.

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Patient Privacy Services

Our healthcare software prioritizes patient privacy, ensuring sensitive data is handled with utmost confidentiality. Utilizing advanced encryption and compliance with HIPAA regulations, we provide secure platforms that respect and protect patient information.

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Security Issues

In the face of rising cyber threats, our healthcare software solutions are fortified with robust security measures. Implementing the latest in cybersecurity protocols, we safeguard patient data and healthcare operations, ensuring a secure and trustworthy digital environment.

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Up-to-date Technologies

Embracing innovation, our healthcare software integrates cutting-edge technologies. From AI-driven diagnostics to telemedicine capabilities, we stay ahead of the curve, providing modern, efficient, and scalable solutions for dynamic healthcare needs.

Why You Would Choose Savvycom

Our experience in enhancing enterprise healthcare systems extends beyond mere software development. As more than just vendors, we delve deeply into the business aspect, adding significant value to our clients by making their operations more efficient and effective.

Localized Solutions

Our healthcare software development is not just about global standards; it’s also about local relevance. We specialize in creating localized solutions that cater to specific regional healthcare requirements and regulations, ensuring that our software resonates with local patients and practitioners alike.

Proven mHealth Experience

With years of expertise in mobile health (mHealth), our team brings proven experience to the table. We’ve successfully delivered a range of mHealth solutions, from remote monitoring apps to patient engagement platforms, demonstrating our deep industry knowledge and commitment to healthcare innovation.

Flexible Engagement Models

Understanding the unique needs of each healthcare project, we offer flexible engagement models. Whether it’s team-based, project-based or Global Development Centre, our adaptable approach ensures tailored solutions that align perfectly with your healthcare objectives and budgetary considerations.


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